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Apologize Cituj
- ivansky

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my name is Ivan (in cs - ivansky) and i want to apologize for something bad that i've done to this site.Long time ago,me and my great friend at the time "Cetys" or "Cetys0r" were playing on my lan when we suddenly came up with idea to troll kzsk lj section a little,i had pretty good skill back then and we simply swapped steam accounts to perform this "cheat".He named himself ivansky and entered spectator mode and i landed couple of lj records for him (256lj,243hj which at the time was TOP1 in HJ top here at kzsk,266cj,270wj).We knew that we are going to be banned,but we thought it's gonna happen quite fast,turns out it took 5 years for that to happen.I know that couple of KZSK's finest ljers at the time became really mad at Cetys for coming with pretty dope demos out of nowhere and beating everyone in here.Most of them thought he is using hacks,i don't wanna share inside info about demochecking in these demos,but one of the big democheckers actually thought he found a movement recorder hack in these demos.Later on,the same guy came up with a conclusion that the player who landed these blocks isn't Cetys0r himself.Indeed he was right.That was me.I want to apologize for our trolling,when i look at it right now it's kind of sad and funny at the same time,because we hurt many people that played hundreds of hours to land these blocks,with faking identity,and at the same time i think we pulled one of the biggest rickrolls of all time?Anyways,hope you forgive me now that it's all over,just wanted to tell you the truth,even tho it's not a secret to anyone by now.I just felt super guilty after i realized that we are not banned 5 years after this event.I admit,it was fun at first,but not anymore.Thanks for reading if you made it that far.

TL;DR: i am ivansky,i recorded all of Cetys0r's longjump demos,our scheme got caught by famous demochecker,we apologize.
Pridané: 02.05.2017 23:08:05
RE: Apologize Cituj
--- perd0

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Well Cetysor is still banned, you're not. Nice of you to find time and words to express yourself though. There are no harsh feelings from anybody anymore, as there's no need for that. You now realize it was stupid and mainly real unfair towards other players and that's the main thing.

Pridané: 03.05.2017 00:44:08
RE: Apologize Cituj
-Silver fykseN

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at least we solved that, thanks for your apology
Pridané: 03.05.2017 14:38:07
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14.06.2018 19:05:25
Legendy pls nemate este niekto v kompe ulozene moje crazy jumping 2jku? pls dam zato vsetko -
05.06.2018 15:05:43
04.06.2018 11:28:44
Nedávno som sem znova zablúdil a som neskutočne rád že sa kzsk scéna stále drží -. Vidím že zraz som zmeškal, chcelo by to ešte jeden a s poriadnymi oldschool legendami -
21.05.2018 16:08:21
03.04.2018 23:55:13
napis mi na steam, poslu ti neco
01.03.2018 15:00:07
Zdravím ked už hráči čo mam na steame moc nehravaju tak by som mohol niekomu odtialto editovať nejake dema - moj kanal na yt -link-
učím sa na novších veciach v editovaní - začal som pred cca 1 a pol mesiac vzad xd
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