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jondee & miskee12 - Scoutmovie 2 Cituj
- kafds

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jondee & miskee12 - Scoutmovie 2

The original Scoutmovie (starring jondee) now has a sequel.

Oh my god... can it be true? Yes. It can. And it is, for the second edition of the popular Scoutmovie starring the legendary Finnish jumper jondee has arrived, and even with a guest star, me! This movie is everything you expected and a little more than that. The movie contains some ingenious tricks of various levels of difficulty (go try them out yourself!) performed with the weapon everyone loves so much, the beloved SCOUT. All of the tricks you saw in this movie were recorded with legal settings and without the usage of any methods of cheating. The movie was brilliantly edited by the professional audiovisual master of moviemaking, jondee, to fit the preferences of every viewer. The movie automatically synchronizes to any music you play and therefore you can have a different viewing experience every time you look at it.

Edited by jondee
Jumps by jondee and miskee12
Directed by jondee and miskee12
Music by jondee
Produced by jondee and miskee12
Programs used by jondee

Thanks for what ching.

P.S. If you didn't enjoy watching this movie, you might be suffering from some serious neurological/psychological condition and I urge you to seek for medical attention as soon as possible. Your life could be at risk.
Pridané: 27.08.2012 21:40:12
RE: jondee &amp; miskee12 - Scoutmovie 2 Cituj
- blue magic

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kafdsrotta strikes again!
gj men
Pridané: 27.08.2012 23:27:12
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